1 A static website from emacs org mode using Jekyll

The Idea behind this is to have a completely designed templates that i don't have to modify so I can focus on the content of the site only in plain text.

1.1 Jekyll

Jekyll is a static website generator, all the detailed infos can be found here.

1.1.1 Installing and running

On Mac OSX, using gem,

~ $ gem install jekyll
~ $ jekyll new myblog
~ $ cd myblog
~/myblog $ jekyll serve
# => Now browse to http://localhost:4000
$ jekyll build
# => The current folder will be generated into ./_site    

The website is now visible at the local host address

1.2 Org Mode

All the precise infos can be found here and there

Once everything is configured - write post in ~/work/website/org/post/yyyy-mm-dd-name-of-the-article.org When completed just export from org mode -> C-c C-e P-a

then build and see the result locally like decribed previously.