09 Dec 2021

Sound design with supercollider

I bought a copy of Andy Farnell’s book in order to refresh my Pure Data (PD) skills and learn procedural sound design.

10 years ago, when I was studying for my masters in electrical engineering in Paris, I composed and performed a lot with PD, so it felt natural and comfortable to build upon that knowledge and keep pursuing with PD.

Recently as I started to learn Supercollider (SC), I have been feeling both impressed and overwhelemd by the endless possibilites and flexibilities of the software. After completing a few tutorials I am still finding myself wondering by which end to grab it. I know that the only way I can get a better grasp at SC is to complete a few personal projects. That’s when I wondered if applying the teachings from Andy Farnell’s book to SC would get me there. I decided to record my progress on this blog to simultaneously keep track of my progress and keep myself accountable.

Tags: supercollider sounddesign