18 Dec 2021

Building an 808

Late during the summer of 2021, I purchased a kit to build a TR-808 (RE-808) from DinSync.info without really thinking about the implications.

I always wanted to own an 808, like many, and I probably got carried away by the perspective, this feels like pretty big undertaking. I built kits before, some more complex than others, and I work on electronics and synths daily - but somehow this feels more complicated.

What's unique about that project, is that it is not a "simple clone" it's an actual re-creation. It is suited for maintaining old units as well as building new ones. Here's a detailed article on CDM.

I'll try to stay on it as much as possible, and not take 5 years to finish the project (My last big diy project was a serge panel that I built in ~5 years…. smh) I will track progress and document the build here as much as possible. The first step is order the parts.

The kit comes with PCBs, pots, switches + caps but most of the components from the BOM are missing. Detailed info can be found there Besides the BA662 and the pixieRECPU (D650C emulator) that need to be sourced seperatly, all the parts can be found on Mouser or Digikey.

I ordered most of the BOMs parts, due to the big part shortage that's currently happening I had to spend lot of time finding drop in replacement parts. I also ordred a few rare parts from eBay, (I hope that they're legit - not just an empty package…)

Anyway, I'll post updates of the build here in the furure.

Tags: RE-808 DIY hardware